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Setting the Personality in MIA Solutecia

To set the personality of MIA Solutecia, you should consider two aspects:

The great advantage of having your own fully configurable rational agent, is that behave completely to your liking in personality, attitude and aptitude.

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Introduction Artificial Intelligence by Solutecia

Artificial Intelligence has been widely explored in the literature of XX and XXI Century, so much so that much of the science and technology that really has, is overshadowed by the preconceived ideas that the public has acquired.

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Setting appearances

One of the great advantages of MIA Solutecia, is its ability to give the user the appearance that best suits for everyone. From the avatar, personality, treatment and course: the appearance of the user interface.

Learn how you can use one of the existing appearance or how to set up your own.

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How it works?

In short, MIA is the acronym for "Artificial Intelligence Engine" (from the origin in spanish: Motor de Inteligencia Artificial), which means, a group organized of artificial intelligence algorithms for processes that require knowledge and experience.

MIA Solutecia is the gateway and main outlet for collective intelligence conglomerate representing "Brain Solutecia".

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